My decision..

I've decided what to do in my future. This time. I won't turn my back anymore. No matter how hard the journey gets. I'll try my very best in this two years. No matter what. I must not let my parents down.

Officially unemployed

So I am officially unemployed again. No longer a student, no longer a worker. I am now a freeman, an internet learner. I will soon find a part-time job if I realize I can't stay productive and improve my self-management. Right now I will do whatever I want to do, without worrying what will going to happen tomorrow. Set a goal and just do it. I'll update my progress here from time to time...

Finding a hobby

Recently I've realized that it is really important to have a hobby. Which I can constantly doing it just to brush my skill so I will be more enjoy doing a certain thing. I don't want to just finish my assignments, worrying about my grades or just waiting for my semester to ends, and then I'll get a job, that's it? I need something to fill the emptiness inside of me. 

APU Orientation Day 1

Dear Blog,

While I should be rewrite my note, or practicing how to write a better note, I decided to write a blog post about the experience of the first day of my uni life. 

So the first day of my university life has finally come. I just had my first day of the school orientation this morning. The moment when I get my student ID, the first thing that I was thinking was, here come the hell... I am officially a uni student.... while trying to get away from my thoughts, I met a girl whos from local, so I started to ask her where is our orientation will be held. So here it goes, my first friend in my university life. Well ... she's not really my first friend technically, it will be Sara to be honest. One of my friend Doreen, introduced her to me. Cool girl, really cool. Okay, lets go back to the topic..

So I met this girl and it turned out that she doesnt know wheres the location either, so we went and asked and finally went to the orientation place. There's an indian girl who sit right beside me, but we didn't talk much. Instead I met a girl from Sri Lanka, and two guy from the back row whos from France and Morocco. One of them whos from Morocco has a pretty good personality, he asked questions and its not stupid at all, he seems like an information guy, and he went along with the France guy too, I keep on hearing them exchanging knowledge and from times to times theres some funny jokes too which I was trying my best not the laugh out loud. 

When the morning session ended, I tried to invite the indian girl to join lunch with her but she seems to refuse, then I never see her anymore, or maybe I dont really reconigse her face anymore to be honest.

When I was in the cafeteria trying to get some lunch to eat, I was starving and there are so much choices for me to choose. Just when I was walking around trying to decide which to pick, a girl walk to me and ask me about the payment method of the cafeteria. & here goes my 5th friend.

So I invited her to join us for lunch, and on the table we met another new friend whos from Pakistan, and guess what, we are in the same major! We might be classmate in future. We sat down and chitchat, although we are trying to find the friend whos from Sri Lanka because we lost her in the crowd and we forget to exchange our number but we just couldnt and we are almost out of time. The lunch break is 1h.

During the lunch I picked salad because I'm on a diet, but looking at the foods in the cafeteria I swear that once the diet is done I'll be trying all of their foods. Especially their potato wedges and spaghetti. "Stick to the plan Esther, stick to the plan...", whats on my mind while eating the salad. It costs RM5.3, with a really big portion, which I think is kinda worth it. It was pretty nice meal.

After lunch, we went back up to the orientation hall, and continue the another session of the day 1 orientation. Hall way through when there's an icebreaking session, there's time when we need to pick what are we talented in. Even if you have 0 experience in it, you get to tick what you are interesting at too. I wanted to choose volleyball and swimming but then I cancel both of them. I guess walking or slow jog is enough for me since I am never an athelete person. So I choose art and editing instead. I am also interesting to join the japanese culture club too. 

During the ice breaking system I met a guy who just sat right beside me, who is also in the same major as mine! He seems kinda cool too. I remember not to judge people by their attitude, even if the people who trying to have a distance with you, who knows they will ended up become the most closest one with you throughout the whole uni life. I had one of this experience when I was in Japan. A half french half chinese guy who sat right beside me looking all grumpy and annoyed, turn out to be one of the coolest person I've met throughout the whole summer course.

After the icebreaking system, I went and catch the bus and went back home. This is how the 1st day ends. So whats on my thoughts?  I've never been to a university, not to mention a university full of international student. Which really surprise me, and also exciting. Not to mention I came from a design school, and now I'm in an IT school everything is different. The attitude, the dress code, the lectures and so on. 

I hope I can get use to it as soon as possible. To indulge in the school environment and settle down. Although I'm panicking inside, like it's been more than 5 years since I do a math questions, or .. is this major really for me? Will I able to make it through the course? I guess I'll need to motivate myself by imagining what I want to be after I graduate, like what they said during the orientation. What I want to be after graduate is get a job, not just a job, but I job I like, a job I know how to improve myself, a job that I'm really into it, and of course a good salary to fullfill my needs.

I'll end my "essay" here. Since I did not take any of the photos, I'll just write them out. I hope that I can make more friends, make more connections, be positive, be hardworking and most importantly, be persistent. 


highlight 11/17-2/18

Alot has been going on lately and this blog is falling far farrr behind from my life so I'll just let them go,  in this post I am going to share a few of my favourite pictures of the highlight moments from the past few months, and a few description of the current situation of course. Hope you enjoy it!!

1) first movie with my mommma ✩°。⋆

we watched the greatest showman in tgv cinema paragon mall penang, it's my first ever movie with my mom in the cinema in my entire life since theres no cinema in my hometown. My mom enjoy the graphic and I'm happy that this is the chosen movie because there's no inappropriate element inside. My mom remember Zac Efron's from high school musical too! Although she doenst recognize the guy who play wolverine from X-MEN but it's really fine. It's one of the best moment that ever happen within the past few months. now lets move to the next.

2) i ate the entire cake!!   o͡͡͡╮༼ ಠДಠ ༽╭o͡͡͡━☆゚.*・。゚

i bought this cake for christmas, not expecting that literally no one sharing the cake with me so I ate it all by myself. I think Brandon's grandpa ate a piece but I barely remember. I really enjoy the cake, it's my favourite flavour but I can't really remember the name of it. It's fruit cake and it's just a normal sponge cake with vanila or white chocolate icing?? hmmmnnmnmn oh well.

3) i baked my first cake!! (˵¯̴͒ꇴ¯̴͒˵)

speaking of eating the whole cake, one day I just decided to bake a cake for aaron's birthday, and it's been a hilarious process because I have 0 experience in it. So after baking the cake and about to make the frosting, I just realised a nicely pack f icing sugar right there, which means that I totally forget to put the sugar inside my cake. It tasted bitter and awesome tbh but I'm still glad that Aaron accepted it. Happy birthday dudee!!

4) i got my fav shoe!! °₊·ˈ∗(( ॣ>̶᷇ᗢ<̶᷆ ॣ))∗ˈ‧

I always wanted the vans checker shoe, since 2016 I guess but I can't find my size of shoe because it's always out of stock in Malaysia until I went to visit genting highland and damn finanyllyly I got it!! Vans is starting to get trendy lately and I wonder why, especially the old skool. 

And that's all!! Until next post. BB!